What do you get?

I do simple estate planning on a flat fee basis. As part of my package you get: A Will, Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney and Transfer on Death Deed.

   What is th Cost?

 The cost for a couple is $500 and the cost for a single person is $450. There is also a $46 charge to file a Transfer on Death Deed with a county recorder. 

 This is the document that tells people where you want your assets to go when you die.
Health Care Directive
 Health Care Directive: This document appoints someone to make medical decisions for you when you are not able to. It also tells people what you want for your health care.
Power of Attorney
Want to get started?
 This is a document in which you, as the principal, appoint someone else to act for you. It can be a relative, a friend or a spouse. The document is used in situations where you are sick or incapacitated and cannot act for yourself.
Here are the forms I use to get people thinking about their estate planning. Download the form and start filling it out!

Form for single folks

Transfer on Death Deed

Form for a Couple

l Transfer on Death Deed: This is a document that transfers ownership interest in a piece of property when all the owners of the property die.